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Uploading is easy, check out our video tutorials! 

Click here to see the Pro Tools video tutorial. Click here to see the Logic Pro video tutorial.

More videos are on the way, stay tuned...

For all other DAWs we ask that you export seperate wav or aiff files for each track. Each instrument and vocal should have its own track. If your session has 24 tracks you will export 24 wav or aiff files. We DO NOT accept mp3's.
Please name each track appropriately (kick, snr, lead voc, etc.) and most importantly please export all of your tracks at the exact same starting point in your session, usually the beginning of the session or bar 1. This way all of your tracks will line up when we work on your mix.


You need to decide whether you are going to export with or without processing (reverb, delay, eq, compression, etc.) We recommend that you export without processing and leave this to our creative mix engineers. If there is a specific sound that you love and it's important to the song, feel free to export that track with processing. Once all of the tracks have been properly exported, place them in a folder named with the song title and zip the folder before uploading.
Please include your rough mix, and please tell us what direction you would like for us to go in with the mix. Use other songs as examples if necessary.

Use the link below to upload files via sending them to our email - For files bigger than 2gb let us know and we'll send you another link.
If you have any problems email us at


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