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About Our Mix Packages...

We use a combination of digital and analog mixing to bring you the best sound and flexibility. We mix "inside the box" because this keeps the prices affordable, gives us the flexibility to recall your mix and makes it easier for us to keep up with our heavy work flow. Analog summing gives us that big desk sound so we can have the best of both analog and digital worlds. We mix in Pro Tools or Logic Pro with Universal Audio converters and use all the best high end plug-ins and outboard gear. We also have a large SSL mix room available if you want to pay an additional fee, email us for prices.

We have 4 mix packages to suit your needs, from small projects to large sessions with lots of tracks its up to you. Once you choose a package there are no hidden fees and nothing else to add on, revisions and all versions of the mix are included. If your song does not fit into these packages email or call us for a quote.


All online audio mix packages include Mastering services.

Money Back Guarantee - We will work with you to get the exact sound you are looking for. If you are not completely happy with the mix we will refund your money.

get your songs mixed and mastered
Standard Mix
$150 per song

This is for sessions that contain up to 18 tracks. Package includes:

High quality mix.

Mastering included.

Clean version for an additional fee.

18 track limit.


Loud, banging, radio mixes
Standard Mix Plus $250.00 per song

Our most popular package! For sessions that contain up to 32 tracks. Package includes:

 Vocals edits/chops.

Clean version if needed. 

32 track limit.

Mastering included.

radio ready mix, high quality mix and master
major label sound at indie label prices
Pro Mix
$400.00 per song

This is for sessions that contain up to 56 tracks. Package includes:

 Auto Tuning, vocal editing.
Sound replacement (if needed).
 Full mix, Instrumental, Acapella, Clean and TV mix for live performance.

 56 track limit.
Mastering included.

Pro Elite Mix
$600.00 per song

This package is for really big productions with over 56 tracks! Package includes:

Stems or more for future remixing.
Auto Tuning, Vocalign and vocal editing.
Sound Replacement (if needed).
 Full mix, Instrumental, Acapella, Clean and TV mix for live performance.
Mastering included.

Songs don't fit in a package? Have special requests or needs? Email us at so we can discuss your project and give you a quote.

Financing Now Available!

Bill Me Later is a PayPal service that enables US customers to finance purchases simply by choosing Bill Me Later during checkout. After answering 2 questions and accepting the terms, you'll start with a credit line of at least $250. The current promotion offers 6 months, interest-free financing. If you have any questions about this service, please click the PayPal image above. You can also email us at

Select a mix package below and use the Pay Now button to access Bill Me Later financing.

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