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We Provide Major Label Quality Mixes for Indie Artists and Labels

It is our job to take your music to the next level. One way we achieve this is by bringing out certain elements in the song, another is defining the song's arrangement. Take a listen to the before and after example to get a feel for how we work. Also, listen to a few sample mixes below.

Outta My League - Before
Outta My League - After
Sunshine by Third Sun
Right Here by RJ
Aurora Skies by Alexandra Jardvall
Check out the LISTEN page to hear more mix samples!

With over 15 years of experience, our engineers have had the pleasure of working with some of the best artists in the business on both major label and independent label releases. Artists such as Ludacris, Britney Spears, Macy Gray, E-40, Aceyalone, and more. We have turned in mixes for many major labels including Disney, Jive, Universal, Island Dej Jam, Decon and others. Whatever style of music you do, we take your recordings and make them sound radio ready.


We go far beyond making your rough mix sound better. You're paying us to hear the things that you don't hear. In addition to giving every instrument in your song space and definition, we take the time to make every section of your song sound interesting. You spent the time to get everything just right, now make sure your work is mixed just right.

​Independent Labels
When one engineer mixes the entire album, the project has a more cohesive sound. Plus, our pricing makes your project affordable all while giving you that expensive sound of the big labels.

listen to your mix
​Read what our previous customers think.

Hey John, it was a pleasure working with you. I really like what you did and thanks for adding the extra stuff I didn't think of. I will definitely recommend you to my peeps on this side of the world!
- Gideon from NXG Jamaica

Great Job. Our ship was really sinking and you made it work again. I appreciate your touch in the song, now it sounds really wicked!

-Aram Sargsyan FMS Media

Good job mixing!! It sounds warm, wide and I love the vocals. 

Thank You! 

- Alexandra Jardvall

Man I love what you guys do! This mix sounds way better than all our other songs. 

-Marc 7 Jurassic 5/Portable Payback EMG/Universal

John has a fantastic ear. He has an ability to balance and emphasize the arrangements in a way that is both clear and also huge, it is amazing!

The best quality you can get!


About Our Mix Packages...

We use a combination of digital and analog mixing to bring you the best sound and flexibility.

We mix in Pro Tools or Logic Pro with Universal Audio converters and use all the best high end plug-ins and outboard gear. We also have a large SSL mix room available if you want to pay an additional fee, email us for prices. All online audio mix packages include Mastering services.

We have 4 mix packages to suit your needs, from small projects to large sessions with lots of tracks its up to you. Packages start at $150 per song.

We mix with Pro Tools
We mix with Logic Pro X!
We mix with Pro Tools or Logic Pro X
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